Fleet Maintenance Specialist

Why Choose Us?

Proven track record of handling more than 15,000 cars in 2017 while maintaining overall work quality and driver satisfaction at a high level.

Turnover of cars in 2017: 15,000+

We maintain an average downtime of 1 hour

For routine periodic servicing, we have proven and continue to strive for one hour downtime so that the uptime of your fleet is maximized.

We have a large space of 65,000+ sq ft

With our massive space and top-of-the-line equipment, we can handle a high volume of cars at scale effectively and efficiently.

Our Range of Services

Everything we provide is in-house!

We have the expertise, equipment and established processes to ensure the best support you can get for your fleet without the need to burst your budget.


Servicing and Maintenance


Accident Repairs


Full-Body Spray Painting


Administrative & Operations Team


Accident Reporting Centre


24/7 Towing or Battery Replacement

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Our Pricing?

How much do you spend per car a month on maintenance?

 Total fleet maintenance expenditure (one month)

Total number of vehicles in fleet

Total spend per vehicle, per month ($X / car / month)


What if we can help you maintain or even reduce $X while keeping your fleet running efficiently?


Our Comprehensive Maintenance Package might just be the solution for you!

Drop us an enquiry, email or call us to find out more!

Email info@vermogen-group.com or

Call 9875 4947

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